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Common and Uncommon Acronyms

Most of the time the anonymous emails that fill up my inbox are of the pornographic spam variety or random industry related tidbits of little value.  However, there are exceptions to the rule and this current list of hobbyist slang is exceptional because I don’t recognize half of these acronyms.  Who makes up this stuff anyway?  I think my favorite might be “jack shack.”  What do you say?

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Unless you’re looking for a companion with whom to raise and provide emotional and financial support for future heirs to the surname.

Otherwise, forget about the mythological aspects of ’til death do us part.  The ugly caveat of sex and marriage—an unspecified expiration date—is often overlooked. 

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In my line of work it’s as important to keep your wits about you as it is to satisfy the physical and emotional needs of a client.  Laymen have all sorts of crazy ideas about what goes on between a hooker and her client.  Hollywood movies without fail manage to sabotage or diminish the relationship with their seedy portrayals of men as hard up losers or worse, sociopaths on the hunt.  Women are painted in broad brushstrokes as damsels in distress or victims who are psychologically programmed to choose a lifestyle of sexual servitude because of a dysfunctional childhood background or an inappropriate dynamic with an older male figure.  Continue reading