Miami is a sun drenched paradise of excess.  Stunning Latin imports are a dime a dozen in South Beach which is how some visionary escort agency thug infiltrated the Mid-Atlantic market, by flooding it with young Brazilian beauties who barely spoke a word of English. 

Unfortunately, a slew of agencies followed suit thus making it challenging for locals such as myself to bring in a regular income.  If it wasn’t for my loyal clients who are typically inclined to steer clear from the agency mentality (a whole other issue with its own set of problems), I would have closed shop ages ago.

A majority of the girls are offered at below market rates.  Tragically naive and wet behind the ears, they are eager to please at all costs, even at the expense of their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  These girls are the equivalent of illegal migrant workers who will work for very little pay in order to maintain employment with their agency pimps.  They are often seen touring different cities on a rotational basis and hyped up on industry message boards to a bunch of hungry johns eager to exploit the latest export.  The same group of men can all too easily make or break a woman with negative marks if she doesn’t perform up to “their” standards which often include barebacking, the ultimate in unsafe sex.  The owner of such a profitable cash flow business—not exclusive to one sex—isn’t obligated to spread his or her legs for a disproportionate buck, so it makes obvious sense that their main concern lies with how their agency is perceived. 

Some are forced to see up to a dozen a men a day and to perform beyond expectation.  What, exactly, are those expectations?  Once upon a time, it was satisfactory service with a smile.  Now that agency escorts are being treated like chattle by unscrupulous bosses, these girls, yes, girls because many are barely old enough to drink—are  required to kiss every greasy, disgusting, foul smelling man who walks through the door.  Many will not rank as high a score as their counterparts if they don’t swallow semen.  Anal is a plus that will skyrocket your ratings through the roof.  Conversely, covered blowjobs will have you plummeting faster than a meteorite.  Safe sex is a thing of the past when your profit margin is your only concern.

We should feel sorry for the women who were duped by these unscrupulous owners.  Hopefully, they are only using the agency to “cut their teeth” and will move on to greener pastures.  Whether it be finding another line of employment or forging their own path as an independent companion, anything is better than taking on the unsavory task of servicing—indiscriminately— dozens of dirty dicks on any given day.