In my line of work it’s as important to keep your wits about you as it is to satisfy the physical and emotional needs of a client.  Laymen have all sorts of crazy ideas about what goes on between a hooker and her client.  Hollywood movies without fail manage to sabotage or diminish the relationship with their seedy portrayals of men as hard up losers or worse, sociopaths on the hunt.  Women are painted in broad brushstrokes as damsels in distress or victims who are psychologically programmed to choose a lifestyle of sexual servitude because of a dysfunctional childhood background or an inappropriate dynamic with an older male figure. 

Now reverse those roles and witness the shameful discrepancy between the way both sexes are treated. Gigolos often elicit cheers and chuckles and enviable speculation and what man hasn’t joked about trying his hand at it?  All the while their feminine counterparts are met with pity, scorn, and disgust.  A beautiful, savvy, and financially independent woman who makes more per hour than the average professional by tapping into her natural resources is the scourge of a society firmly entrenched in the roots of Puritanical mores.

At the suggestion of a few close friends who are privy to the nature of my work, I am compelled by some esoteric sense of duty to reveal a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience.  The choice was mine – I am not a victim, nor was I sexually abused, not on any level that I’m consciously aware.  My childhood was dysfunctional but do you know anyone who grew up intact?  I don’t loathe men, in fact, I happen to understand them a lot better.  Perhaps the only notable difference is my view on monogamy which I’ll discuss at a later point.

This blog chronicles the good, the bad, and the ugly of a journey that has yet to come to an end.  I want to thank you ahead of time for indulging me.  May we experience multiple epiphanies.